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Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Spur southwest from US 85-87 south of Walsenburg via Pryor. Current CRs 310 and 312.


Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Link from US 50 (current BR US 50) east of Pueblo south to SH 227 along 25th Lane


Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Spur west from US 85-87 at Ludlow to Delagua. Current CR 44.0.


Location: San Luis Valley
Alignment: Link from US 160 at Monte Vista east, then south back to US 160, then spurred south for ~8mi. Current Sherman Ave. and CR 2E.


Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Link from US 85-87 at Starkville northwest to SH 12 at Cokedale, then northwest to Boncarbo


Location: South Front Range
Length*: 3.34mi
SW End: Jct US 160 at Goddard Ave/Freedom Rd in northeast Trinidad
NE End: Jct CRs 75 & 30.5 at El Moro

Counties: Las Animas
Places: Trinidad, El Moro

Annual Average Daily Traffic (2008):

  • 1800 at US 160
  • 540 at El Moro

SH 239 starts at the east side of the I-25 Exit 15 interchange at US 160. It heads north for a couple blocks as the frontage road, then at an intersection where the frontage road becomes the northbound onramp, SH 239 breaks off to the northeast. It goes 3 miles to the El Moro, made up of several houses at a crossroads. SH 239 becomes CR 75 after a curve to the north.

SH 239 was brought into the state system in 1939, and at first it continued northeast from El Moro, going to SH 204 at Hoehne. By 1954 there was no SH 204, so SH 239 had its northeast dangling at nothing. By 1955 it was shortened to end at El Moro. Paved by 1954.

On the south end, SH 239 used to continue southwest to I-25 at Exit 15. However, about 1994 the US 160 north Trinidad bypass was built, and used SH 239's route from I-25 northeast just a little bit, then used a brand new alignment east to US 160 northeast of Trinidad. SH 239's south end got moved northeast less than a half mile.


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Link from US 287 east via Erie to US 87


Location: Southern Mountains
Alignment: Spur southeast from SH 111 (current SH 12) at La Veta


Location: San Luis Valley
Length*: 6.89mi
NW End: Jct SH 152 southeast of San Luis
SE End: San Francisco
Places: San Pedro, San Pablo, San Francisco

SH 242 was brought into the state system in 1939. It went from SH 152 southeast via San Pedro and San Pablo to San Francisco. Paved by 1978. Turned back in 1982. Route is now parts of CRs 21 and J.2.


Location: Southeast Metro Denver
Alignment: Happy Canyon alignment (current I-25) from County Line Road northwest to Hampden Avenue (SH 70)


Location: San Luis Valley
Alignment: Link from SH 99 northeast of Jaroso east to SH 159


Location: Metro Denver
Length: 3mi
S End: Broadway and County Line Road
N End: Jct SH 87 at Broadway and Littleton Blvd.

SH 245 was brought into the state system in 1939. Starting at SH 87 at Broadway and Littleton Blvd. it headed due south on Broadway, ending at County Line Road (no highway). Turned back in 1961.


Location: Central Metro Denver
Alignment: North from Iowa Avenue via Santa Fe Drive to Alameda Avenue, then Kalamath Street north to Colfax Avenue


Location: San Luis Valley
Alignment: Link from SH 99 (current SH 142) due south to where SH 159 curves from east to south west of San Luis


Location: San Luis Valley
Length*: 4.00mi
E End: Jct SH 159 north of the New Mexico border
W End: Mesita

SH 248 became a state highway in 1939. It started at SH 159 east of Mesita and went due west to Mesita. Paved by 1978 and turned back in 1981. It is now CR H.


Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Spur northeast from US 85-87 at Fountain via C&S Road and Marksheffel Road


Location: Eastern Mountains
Alignment: 1940s state highway number for the Pikes Peak Toll Road


Location: South Front Range
Alignment: Link from SH 189 south to US 24 (Platte Ave.) via current Academy Blvd.


Location: Eastern Mountains
Alignment: Link from SH 115 at Penrose southeast to US 50 (current SH 120) east of Portland


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Spur north from SH 1 to Waverly. Current CR 15.


Location: North Front Range
Length: 7mi
W End: Jct US 287 in Longmont
E End: Jct US 87 east of Longmont

SH 254 was brought into the system in 1939, and was the original number for current SH 119 from US 287 at Longmont east to US 87/SH 185. Paved by 1955. Renumbered as an extension of SH 119 about 1952.


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Started at US 85 (11th Ave.) in Greeley, and headed east on 5th St., then east of town turned north to SH 14


Location: North Front Range
Length: 1939-1954: 11mi; 1954-2007: *2.99mi
W End: SH 60 southeast of Milliken
E End: 1939-1954: SH 37 east of Peckham; 1954-2007: US 85 at Peckham

SH 256 became a state highway in 1939. It went from SH 60 due east through Peckham, ending at SH 37 (current CR 49). Paved by 1946. East end truncated to US 85 by 1954. The SH 60-US 85 section remained until spring 2007, when all of SH 256 was turned back as part of the North Front Range route swap.

Photo Gallery:

  • SH 256. I took a picture of it heading west to drive home what kind of road it is: No shoulders, bad pavement, etc. At least the striping was in good shape. (June 1998)
  • Westbound from US 85. The view toward the mountains on SH 256 from US 85. Photo by Dale Sanderson. (March 2007)
  • End at US 85. The "End" sign for eastbound SH 256 approaching US 85. (March 2007)


Location: North Front Range
Length*: 18.48mi
S End: Jct SH 60 at Milliken
N End: Jct SH 14 west of Ault

Counties: Weld
Places: Milliken, Windsor, Severance

Spur Connection: Spur 257 south of Windsor, which due to being barricaded off doesn't actually connect with SH 257.

Milepost Guide:

  • 0.00: SH 60 (begin SH 257 in Weld County)
  • 5.12: US 34 interchange west of Greeley
  • 5.42: BR US 34 interchange
  • 10.59: East jct SH 392, Windsor
  • 11.58: West jct SH 392/Main/7th, Windsor
  • 18.48: SH 14 (end SH 257)

Annual Average Daily Traffic (2008):

  • 5000 at SH 60, Milliken
  • 7500 south of US 34
  • 9700 north of BR US 34
  • 9100 south of SH 392, Windsor
  • 11,400 on SH 257-392 at 1st St., Windsor
  • 7000 north of SH 392
  • 3700 at SH 14

SH 257 stars at SH 60 on the west side of Milliken. It heads due north across the Big Thompson River, then hits US 34. This is just east of the point where US 34 splits for the Greeley business route, so SH 257 intersects US 34 twice: US 34 on the south, and BR 34 on the north, only about 0.3mi apart. They are both diamond interchanges, but the interchange with BR 34 only has the ramps on the east side of the interchange.

From BR 34, SH 257 continues north, curves northwest, goes over the Cache la Poudre River, and heads north to Windsor. It comes in on the east side of town, and at SH 392, it turns west on that down Main St. At 7th St. on the west side of town, SH 257 turns off and heads due north. There are no towns between SH 392 and SH 14. SH 14 has a 65mph speed limit between I-25 and Ault, but slows down to 50mph for the SH 257 intersection.

SH 257 was originally brought into the state system in 1939, but was a little different. From SH 60, there was spur south at Johnstown. From Milliken, it went north to Windsor, then turned west via current SH 392 to SH 185 (current I-25). By 1954 SH 259 north of Windsor had been changed so that SH 257 went north to SH 14. Also it was entirely paved by then. The spur south of Johnstown was eliminated by 1955. Interchanges put in at US 34 and BR US 34 in 1998.


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Loop off the southwest side of US 287 from Fort Collins to Laporte via Mountain Ave. and Overland Trail


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Original 1939 number for current SH 257 from Windsor north to SH 14


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Link from SH 14 east of Fort Collins southeast to SH 185. Used Summit View Dr. and Prospect Rd.

Notes: I've seen el cheapo maps that local realty agencies give out in Fort Collins that still show SH 260, also showing I-25 together with US 87/SH 185.


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Spur northwest from SH 186 at Masonville


Location: Eastern Mountains
W End: 1939-1945: Rocky Mountain National Park; 1946-1964: US 34 at Deer Ridge Junction in RMNP
E End: 1939-1953: Jct US 34 at Drake; 1954-1964: Jct US 34 in Estes Park

SH 262 was brought into the state system in 1939. From Estes Park, it went both southwest to RMNP and northeast to Glen Haven then southeast to US 34 at Drake. By 1946 it was extended west into RMNP via the Big Thompson Entrance Station to US 34 at Deer Ridge Junction, and was entirely paved. By 1954, the section east of Estes Park was gone, but the Estes to Deer Ridge part remained. That was there up until 1965, when the new Beaver Meadows Entrance Station to RMNP opened, and SH 262 was renumbered as an extension of SH 66. See the SH 66 listing for a more in-depth history, plus maps explaining the situation.


Location: North Front Range
Length*: 2.10mi
W End: Jct US 85 at 8th St. in Greeley
E End: Jct CR 45/Fern Ave (becomes Weld CR)

Counties: Weld
Places: Greeley

Roadway Names: 8th Street

Milepost Guide:

  • 0.63: US 85, Greeley (begin SH 263 in Weld County)
  • 2.73: CR 45/Fern Ave (end SH 263)

Annual Average Daily Traffic (2008):

  • 5700 at US 85
  • 4700 at Fern Ave

From the intersection of US 85 at 8th Street east of downtown Greeley, SH 263 heads east on 8th Street east out of town. But before it gets to anything of consequence such as Greeley-Weld Airport, it abruptly ends at Fern Avenue and becomes a county road.

Photo Gallery:

  • US 85 Westbound. Westbound on SH 263 approaching US 85 in Greeley. What's weird is the sign only points left for US 85 even though it goes both directions. (March 2007)
    • Closeup of Signal Sign. On the signal in the above photo is this street name sign. It calls US 85 "85 Bypass". 700 is the block number. (March 2007)
  • Former SH 37 Sign. Eastbound at its former end at SH 37, SH 263 had this sign which combined the juntion and arrows onto the same sign. (March 2007)

SH 263 was brought onto the system in 1939. It went from US 85 (which was on 11th Ave.) east out of town and ended at SH 37 north of Kersey. At some point US 85 was moved to 8th Avenue, so SH 263 then had its west end there, for a total length of *6.74mi from US 85 to SH 37. Was paved by 1946. Even after the construction of the US 85 bypass, SH 263 continued to have its west end at BR US 85 at 8th Ave.

Two sections of SH 263 were turned back in spring 2007 as part of the North Front Range route swap. The first was between BR 85 and US 85, and the second from Fern Avenue to SH 37.


Location: North Front Range
Alignment: Spur north from US 34 in Greeley via 14th Ave.


Location: Southern Mountains
Alignment: Shown on the 1939 map as a link from US 24 west of Woodland Park southeast to SH 250


Location: North Metro Denver
Length*: 3.62mi
SW End: Jct I-70 Exit 275B at Brighton Blvd. in Denver
NE End: Jct US 6-85 in Commerce City

Counties: Denver, Adams
Places: Denver, Commerce City

Roadway Names: Brighton Boulevard

Milepost Guide:

  • 0.00: I-70, Denver (begin SH 265 in Denver County)
  • 0.96: Begin Denver/Adams County split
  • 1.20: Enter Adams County
  • 3.62: US 6-85, Commerce City (end SH 265)

Annual Average Daily Traffic (2008):

  • 9700 at I-70
  • 13,500 between York St. intersections
  • 6100 at US 6-85, Commerce City

SH 265 starts at I-70 Exit 275 in north Denver, then heads northeast on Brighton Blvd. It heads northeast through Commerce City and an ugly refinery row. It goes over the dry Sand Creek, then under I-270 (no interchange). SH 265 continues northeast and then ends at US 6-85 north of the SH 2 interchange at about 69th Ave.

Photo Gallery:

  • SH 265 Railroad Underpass. A nasty underpass under a railroad on SH 265 near York Street. More than a few people have not heeded the low clearance warning, as evidenced by the exposed rebar and scars going along the ceiling. (June 2001)

Brighton Blvd at first was part of US 85, but by 1942 was shifted to Vasquez Blvd. SH 265 came into the state system in 1942 over its former route. However, the section south of York St. was originally part of SH 224, so SH 265 went from York northeast. By 1954, SH 224 was changed, and SH 265 was extended southwest along its former route so SH 265 existed as now.


Location: Arkansas Valley
Alignment: Spur south from US 50 at Hasty to John Martin Reservoir


Location: Arkansas Valley
Length*: 11.51mi
W End: Jct US 50/SH 71 at 12th St. and Elm Ave./Swink Ave. in Rocky Ford
E End: Jct SH 109 southwest of Cheraw

Counties: Otero
Places: Rocky Ford

Annual Average Daily Traffic (2008):

  • 1700 at US 50, Rocky Ford
  • 720 north of Thomas Ave.
  • 360 east of CR 22
  • 410 at SH 109

At SH 266's start in Rocky Ford, US 50 uses two one-way streets, so SH 266 intersects it twice. From the US 50/SH 71 intersections, SH 266 heads northeast on 12th St., then turns east at Thomas Ave. on the north side of town. SH 266 passes through irrigated farmland, goes northeast across the Arkansas River, east toward Holbrook Reservoir, then to SH 109, utilizing several slow-speed curves as it stair-steps northeast. Much of the way SH 266 is paralleling major Arkansas Valley irrigation canals.

Photo Gallery:

  • Arkansas River Bridge. The view on eastbound SH 266 of the Arkansas River bridge northeast of Rocky Ford. (May 2013)

SH 266 became a state highway by 1954, but at first it intersected SH 109 further north than it does now. The east end was shifted to its current location by 1960, and all of SH 266 was paved by 1961.


Last updated 17 June 2013