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This site is meant to be a warehouse of information on the highways and byways and Colorado. The general idea is you can look at all the numbered state-maintained highways in the state, and learn useless, Trivial Pursuit stuff about them like where they end, how long they are, where they're freeway, etc. The site also includes writeups on major non-state roadways in Colorado, such as Peņa Blvd. and the Pikes Peak Toll Road. Other pages include a history of roads in Colorado, and a narrative of what I call the 470 Saga back in the 1970s.

For more about the site, including conventions and abbreviations used, hit my About This Site page.

THIS SITE IS UNOFFICIAL. It is in no way part of or endorsed by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the E-470 Public Highway Authority, or any other official agency. Opinions here are my own or those of the person I'm quoting. This site is meant for general information purposes only. 100% information accuracy cannot be and is not guaranteed.

Background Information


MESalek.com Home: Site news and updates, about the author, etc.

About This Site: Sources, abbreviations, what the different colors mean, etc.

Links and Resources: CDOT and other road websites, plus Colorado-related links and books.

Quickfacts: General information on Colorado highways, including some of the highway laws, about CDOT and winter driving information.

Denver-Boulder Turnpike
Interchange Names
Ramp Meters
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County Road Numbering Systems
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Marked Scenic & Historic Byways
CDOT High-Priority Projects & the TRANs Ballot Measure
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Numbered Route Listings

Feature Pages

All these pages deal with numbered, state-maintained routes in Colorado. These include routes signed as state, US, and Interstate highways.

Complete Route Listings: All signed routes past and present, with data, guides, photos, and histories

Solo Route Pages:

Auxiliary Routes: Spurs and business routes

Colorado Route Markers: A history of numbered highway route markers

Contracted Maintenance: City-maintained state highways

US and Interstate Highways: Quick info about past and present routes

History Of Colorado Roads: Early history narrative, including how the state assigned the first route numbers.

Photo Gallery: Photos from around the state highway system, as well as some stuff that isn't on state highways.

Glenwood Canyon - An I-70 Odyssey: A look at Colorado's most famous stretch of Interstate.

Steele Street Bridge - A Study of One Part of T-REX: Examining the demolition and reconstruction of the Steele Street bridge over I-25.

Colorado Highway Trivia & Tidbits: Impress others at parties with these obscure facts on Colorado's highways, cities, and geography.

Denver's 470 Saga: Explains what the deal is with all of those highways numbered 470 around Denver.

PHA Tollways: E-470, Northwest Parkway, and W-470

CTE Tollways: Page with limited information on the new CDOT Colorado Tolling Enterprise.

Other Non-State Routes: Major non-state roadways such as Peņa Blvd. and the Pikes Peak Toll Road.

Freeway Exits of Colorado: This is a "sorta" separate site, having exit guides for all of the freeways in Colorado.


Last updated 18 March 2011